Master Fabricator of Steel and Steel Related Products
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Master Fabricator of Heavy-Duty Steel Components and Assemblies

Whether built to your drawings and specifications or to our design based on your requirements, Superior Fabrication Co., LLC strives to provide the highest quality truck-mounted solutions.

We have established a very innovative approach to design which provides the most durable and reliable masts and carriages while maintaining focus on the weight sensitivity of these forklifts.

Our extensive background in the rough terrain forklift market and long standing manufacturing experience have positioned us to aid any OEM in achieving their goals through product support both at the factory and in the field.
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OEM Forklift Trucks

N/A Superior Fabrication Co., LLC has created forklift masts for specialized truck mounted forklift original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) including:
  • Palfinger
  • Cargotec

Applications for Vehicle Mounted Forklifts

N/A Vehicle mounted forklifts are compact material handlers that piggyback on trucks and trailers to provide material handling capabilities on the go.

Vehicle mounted forklift masts are designed to withstand the wear and tear of highway and road travel. This includes resisting salt corrosion and road debris damage.

Forklift Mast Components

N/A All of our forklift masts are hydraulic and will come completely assembled with:
  • Hydraulic Hose Assembly and Cylinders
  • Electrical Wiring Harness
  • Hook or Shaft Carriage Connections

Forklift Mast Capacities

N/A Superior Fabrication Co., LLC's vehicle mounted forklift masts are smaller than our rough terrain or industrial forklift masts. We have built masts ranging from 5,000 to 8,000 lbs lifting capacity. The proprietary design utilizes a scissor mechanism for increased reach while maintaining a compact size.

Warranty Information

N/A All Superior Fabrication Co., LLC forklift masts come with a 1 year / 2,000 hours of service warranty.

Production Volume

N/A We can produce single unit orders or large scale orders of 600+ forklift masts a year.